Our farmhouse, our home!

The Farmhouse

The beating heart of our agritourism activity.
We are passionate about our activities and we pay attention to every single detail, from the short supply chain to our animals welfare, as well as every product and dish we prepare and serve to our customers.
We are proud to say that by producing our own meats, cold cuts, cheeses and, last but not least, our wine, we can define ourselves as an Agritourism that absolutely believes in its farmhouse.

The breeding

We raise over 200 heads of livestock, from cows and pigs to goats and sheep, as well as rabbits, hens, donkeys and even trout!
Our animals are all free in dedicated areas both inside and outside the stables. They sleep and walk over a permanent litter, made of fresh and soft straw, while their drinkers constantly run water.

Furthermore, our cows are bred following a new breeding method called “cow-calf line”, aimed at preserving their health. They are left free with their calves, so that they will grow stronger as they will have the opportunity of moving around and enjoying a rich and healthy diet, made of hay and fresh milk.
This is all aimed at guaranteeing their highest wellbeing standard.

The cheese factory

This is where we transform the milk of our Grigio and Bruno Alpina cows into hard cheeses such as “Latteria” and “Semigrasso”, ricotta and butter, directly brought to our customers’ tables. Our own produced fresh milk and yogurt are also served every day for breakfast.

The cellar

“Il Principino” is our “Rosso di Valtellina DOC” red wine. It is made with Nebbiolo grapes coming from a reclaimed hectare of land located 200 meters from our farmhouse. Our passionate agronomist and member of the family, Nicola, takes care of them every day.
First, the grapes are harvested in small crates, then fermented and vinified in our cellars in steel barrels and in a conical wooden vat, where it rests for over a year. It is then bottled and aged for at least six months in our aging cellar.